AMEE, Your Carbon Footprint Calculator

AMEE is London, UK based startup that aims to enable the calculation of the carbon footprint of everything. AMEE is a web 2.0 service and provides a common platform that combines calculation, measurement, profiling, transactional systems and represents carbon emissions data from over 150 countries. AMEE’s motto describes its mission the best: “the world’s energy meter” .

Emission trading is an administrative approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. It is sometimes called cap and trade (Source: Wikipedia). The Kyoto Protocol is a 1997 international treaty which came into force in 2005, which binds most developed nations to a cap and trade system for the six major greenhouse gases. Carbon trading is sometimes seen as a better approach than a direct carbon tax or direct regulation.

Emission trading is at the core of AMEE. AMEE is designed to open up data for making it easy to access by serving an API. This API helps each organisation to create their own branded front-end  to their campaigns, but rely on the same standart data format. For instance, Morgan Stanley has extended their in-house CO2 calculator, built on AMEE to help their stuff to better understand their own carbon footprint, and to pledge action to reduce thie energy use and cut emissions.

Last month, Union Square VenturesO’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures has invested in Amee and TAG together invested in AMEE. Cases like the approach of AMEE excite me very much and i see day-to-day Web Meets World more, as Tim O’Reilly says.

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