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Health 2.0: Expansive definition “New concept of health care wherein all the constituents (patients, physicians, providers, and payers) focus on health care value (outcomes/price) and use competition at the medical condition level over the full cycle of care as the catalyst for improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of health care” – Last updated on May 25, 2007 (Source: Scott Shreeve, MD – January 24, 2007) .

Health 2.0 is a platform ( techonologies ) including weblogs,social bookmarking, wikis, podcasts, social networks and APIs about healtcare. Approximately 59 percent of health searchers used the Internet to (Source:”How America Searches – Health Wellness, January 2008, iCrossing) get information and women ( % 63 ) are more inclined.  Health searchers are mostly  18-34 year-old ( %65) and college graduated ( %62). Younger and more educated searchers are interested in these popular topics; symptoms, treatment, diseases/conditions, wellness, drugs,vitamins… Which web 2.0 tools are mostly used  to reach information about health? The answers are listed by high percentages are search engines( %67), social media, wikipedia, social network, podcasts and blogs.

Health searchers differently tend social networks to discuss treatment or medication, to get moral, to have  opinions about doctors and hospitals or to get appointment.

PatientsLikeMe, founded in 2004 by three MIT engineers, has lots of subcommunities about neurological, mood and immune conditions. You can reach treatment, symptoms and research information all about these conditions which context is developing by patients.

The other network is HealthWorldWeb founded in 2006. Differently of PatientsLikeMe, you get knowledge from doctors or search the doctor by specialty.  Also you can visit same networks for physicians and nurses

I think when the population gets older in ten years, the health services or communities which offer physicians,nurses or doctors  for home nursing or which analyse the data of self- tests ( pefmeter test for asthma, blood test for diabetic ) will be popular. We can imagine the services analyze the symptoms while driving or looking to mirror everyday. What do you think the trends will be for health services?

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