Keyword is the Full Picture

One of the goals of every business is to make money. Sometimes turning a profit is a secondary or tertiary goal, but it’s always there and is always a motivating factor in every decision made by the people who run the company. How do you increase your profits, though? You can do it by cutting costs, certainly, but that can result in poor support or inferior products. Many companies would have a hard time remaining ethical and cutting costs, too.

If you run a business selling wheelchair accessible vans, you don’t want to potentially sacrifice any quality in order to make more money. What other options do you have if you’re a company that provides mobility to the disabled? You can increase your visibility and consumer awareness. By making your advertising efforts more focused and efficient, you can essentially cut down on the money you have to spend making potential customers aware of your existence.

Branding is the key issue here and everything from email newsletters to billboards and even search engine optimization (SEO) are used to support this single issue. It may seem odd to say that SEO is primarily concerned with branding, but it’s true. Even when you’re not engaging in keyword branding, you’re still working to build brand awareness and reputation. Once you realize that SEO is part of the branding process, you can form a more focused, driven SEO strategy that will aid you in the process and help you achieve your desired result: higher levels of consumer awareness.

Why Brand?

Your brand is how consumers identify your company, service and product. It’s encompassed by your logo, motto, name and the relations those aspects have to your customers and anyone else associated with your company. Regardless of what you do, you have a brand. If you don’t care to manage it, then you have no control over whether your brand is positively or negatively regarded. By developing a specific strategy for branding you can help guide consumers’ awareness of your brand and ensure that people associate it with a positive experience and an excellent product.

What Does SEO Do?

When you develop an SEO strategy, you’re also working on your branding. When searchers see your website consistently ranking at a high level in Google for their searches, they’ll begin associating you as a knowledgeable, quality company. Their trust in Google’s ability to weed out inferior products and companies is near absolute, which is why most searchers click on the first three search results.

How Do You Brand?

By utilizing branding keywords and gearing your SEO toward service-oriented keywords, you can ensure your business’s name stays at the top of results and that consumers begin to draw an unconscious correlation between your industry and your company specifically. By focusing your keyword choices on only the ones that will strengthen your brand in your niche, you reduce the potential keyword pool and make it easier to rank. Once you begin ranking on your chosen branding keyword you can branch out into supporting phrases with the strength of your brand driving your SEO tactics the entire way.

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