Music 2.0

music20logosMusic is one of the indispensable part of our lives. As the internet gets accessible to more people, the number of legal and illegal ways to access music online increases.

As the Web gets more popular, online music services are transformed into Music 2.0 services. Music 2.0 is a networked, web-native,de-centralized and wherever accesible (especially mobile) music business (source:mediafuturist) . If you want to learn more about Music 2.0,  the presentation below prepared by Gerd Leonhard is the best to learn what music 2.0 is. There are hundreds of music 2.0 services. The most popular ones are iTunes,, Imeem. If you wonder all of them, you can check RocketSurgeon’s Music 2.0 directory on his blog.

As the Web 2.0 goes beyond user expectations, Web 3.0 called as “semantic web” comes out. To me, Web 3.0 means collaboration and there’s a new Music 3.0 service called Fizy. Fizy is worth writing a special review.

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