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In 2004, when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wrote to prospective shareholders about their vision for the company, they outlined a commitment to contribute significant resources, including 1% of Google’s equity and profits in some form, as well as employee time, to address some of the world’s most urgent problems. That commitment became […]

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Green Powering a Google Search

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As computers become a bigger part of our lives, information technology consumes an increasing amount of energy. IT technologies are responsible for 2% of the world’s CO2 emissions according to CIO insight. A 2003 study published by MIT estimated Internet usage responsible for 3% electricity consumption in the U.S. Because of the huge Internet usage […]

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Brand New Health 2.0 Service – Google Flu Trends

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Google announced a new service, ‘Flu Trends‘. Influenza, commonly known as the flu is a serious infectious  disease caused by the Influenza RNA viruses. Flu spreads around the world and in some years, it kills millions of people. Three influenza pandemics occured in the 20th century and more than 10 million people died. Health 2.0: […]

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Energy Saving Tips from Google in Halloween Theme

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Tomorrow is Halloween and it means the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder in the northern hemisphere. We will need more electricity to lighten and more gas to heat our houses. Google has some energy saving tips for you to save energy & money and  a simple calculator with a Halloween […]

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Google’s CEO Eric SCHMIDT Discussing ‘Clean Energy 2030′

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In the video below this post, Google’s CEO Eric SCHMIDT discusses  Google’s ‘Clean Energy 2030′ project. But firstly, i’ll talk about what ‘Clean Energy 2030′ is. Google continues to invest on our Earth’s future.  They have had 2 energy projects, RE<C and RechargeIT we have mentioned before. ‘Clean Energy 2030′ is Google’s new project about  […]

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