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What is an Internet Business ?

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An internet business is a business that offers its services and/or products on the Internet. Especially, offering services on the Internet is the preferred subject in this article and on Essentially, every business has a single purpose; to make profit. So an Internet business must be profitable, too. There exists many different ways to […]

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LinkedIn is Growing So Fast – Has Reached Value of $1 Billion

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In this post, we’ll take a look at LinkedIn’ s excellent growth but firstly let’s talk a few about ‘Business Social Networking’ . Day to day, social networking becomes more important for us. Organizations that want to manage partnerships with their customers, suppliers and other organizations in the same industries start attending ‘Business Social Networks’. […]

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Use ZPEN as an Effective Idea Journaling Tool

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The Zpen by Dane-Elec is a revolutionary new input device that captures your handwriting, your drawings, etc… and lets you transfer these into your computer. In fact, Zpen is a two-pieces device: a pen and a receiver with OCR capability. It has 1 gb memory to store your pen strokes. As we mentioned before in […]

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