Video: Turn Your iPhone into a Pico Projector for Only 99$

iPhones with built-in pico projectors is still a dream but this solution may be the best alternative at this time. This Pop Video accessory from Micron Technology turns your iPhone or iPod into pico projectors for only 99$. The Pop Video has a Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery with up to two hours playtime.

According to PoP’s site, the 3.5 ounce peripheral’s capable of 960 x 540 video output to share your favorite photos, movies, TV programs, and video clips on the fly. Micron apparently uses something called FLCOS microdisplay technology, which is cheaper to produce and allegedly more energy efficient.

The projector is designed to be used with a free app that allows you to tweak the projector settings and project content from your iPhone or iPod.

The $99 PoP Video is up for pre-order now, but you can watch the Pop Video’s Capabilities in the video below.

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