Why Your Startup Will (Won’t) Fail

A startup company is a company with a limited operating history. These companies are the newly created and are in a phase of operational and marketing research & development. They need time, money, customers and most importantly ambitious, stress-resistant and challenger entrepreneurs.

The feeling of starting and growing a new business is unique and inalienable. When starting a business,  an entrepreneur dreams of changing something, achieving success and leave a permanent mark on the world. It’s a really hard task to complete! Every entrepreneur want to grow their businesses in a short time. But the first thing you need is patience. Sometimes many slow & small steps are better for you than fast & big steps. Don’t forget that “cities grow from towns and towns from villages” . Nobody wants to live in a fast-growing but slummy city!

Eric Karjaluoto is the author of the blog ideasonideas and one of the founders of MakeFive. In his “Why Your Web Startup Will Fail” post, he tells the why your startup will fail based upon their MakeFive story. These six titles are cited in this post:

– You won’t have an audience
– You’re going to run out of cash
– You’ll get frustrated
– The emotional rollercoaster will beat you
– You’ll get excited about something else
– But it won’t be because of the competition

This post is worth reading and a must for entrepreneurs to learn the causes to take action for not failing. Internet is an endless source for entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences and their failures. In fact, a failing is the best way for learning not to fail again but it’s the most painful, too. If you value your time and your startup, please read & learn why others fail(ed) and i wish you won’t fail…

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